Mark D. Levy Horticultural Services Offers Commercial Snow and Ice Management Programs Throughout The Westchester County Area.

We are fully capable to provide snow and ice management services to almost any commercial application. This includes corporate office buildings, retail shopping centers, Industrial/Municipal properties, Condominium complexes and Hotel’s.

Our objective each winter season is to provide reactive, professional services that allow safe passage for vehicular and pedestrian traffic both during and after snow events. We accomplish this by putting together a competent Snow and Ice Management team with proven experience, and provide them proper commercial grade equipment, specific site training, and ongoing management throughout the winter snow season.

To better serve our customers, we subscribe to the best Weather Service Company in the industry. We closely monitor these reports before, during and after each snow event.  Accurate weather forecasts means proper planning and timing!  The “Live” updates we receive on our smart phones during a storm, enable us to make accurate decisions with deployment of manpower, and are vital in salt/ice melt application rates. At the end of each event, we get an accurate report of the accumulation and type of the precipitation that occurred. Simply stated, we take snow, ice and freezing rain very seriously!

For almost 30 years, customer service across the board is our number one priority. We are happy to assist in any specific request you may have, and we will create a custom tailored snow & ice management plan for you quickly, once we have met to understand your needs and review your property.

Before you get buried in snow or inadequate services this winter, simplify your job, and make the call to Mark D. Levy Horticultural Services today.